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what classes did i need to take for my career in college

i interesting different kinds of jobs . I am from Thurgood Marshall high school. #business-lawyer

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2 answers

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Vanessa’s Answer

Your question is not clear. I think you asking what type of classes you should take if you want be prepared for college.
I have a bachelor degree and a J.D.- and I think as long as you are taking all of the basic courses math, English and science and doing well in them-you will be fine in college. Taking writing classes in high school can be helpful as you may have to write a lot of papers in college and also any advanced courses/AP classes never hurt. But it is not necessary to be in AP to do well in college.

Also- keep in mind that if you are struggling with any high school classes- that is okay as long as you are getting help through a tutor or teacher. Always work on doing your best in each class.

You can think more about what classes you need to focus on once you are in college and have selected a major.

I hope this helps!

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George’s Answer

As Vanessa mentioned, I think your question can be answered more effectively with a bit more information. There are several things that you need to take into consideration here:

  1. What type of degree are you planning to pursue? By answering this question, I can help guide you down the correct line of general education requirements, as not all majors are created equal.

  2. What career or industry are you interested in? This, too, is important. Some vocations require basic general education in mathematics and English, but little in the life and physical sciences.

As a general statement, I would definitely plan on college algebra and oral and written communication. Depending on your major, your general education courses could be more robust and varied.