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Whats the best school to go to for computer engineering ?

I'm a sophomore in high school and i really want to be a engineer. Also i want to go to a good school for it.

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4 answers

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Brad’s Answer

Best of the Village

In my humble opinion, the best school for anything is a combination of three things:

  • Your feeling about the school

  • The schools academic reputation (class rigor, prestigious professors, research, alumni network, etc)

  • The cost - because this really is an investment

Take this hypothetical example:
Perhaps the top ranked school is a private school costing thousands of dollars more per year than the 3rd ranked school which is public. You like them both, they are both very good, but one is much less expensive. To me, the best school would be the 3rd ranked school - mostly because upon graduation your debt will be much lower, giving you more freedom with your future. ***I realize that there could be scholarships, parental funding, and other influences not included in this example, but please take it for what it is... an example.

I went to public undergrad and private grad school. After undergrad, I felt completely free to find that perfect job due to very low debt. After grad school, my debt is much larger and I find myself constricted on future decisions.

It's easy to brush off the cost of school right now, but I would highly encourage you to think about it as you figure out your best school.

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Krisdavis78’s Answer


MIT has the best computer science program both at the undergrad and graduate level. Other great schools for computer engineering include: Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, UC (university of california)--Berkeley, University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign, California Institute of Technology

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Aisha,

The University of Michigan is a highly rated school for that degree.


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Nermin’s Answer

The U.S. News report on best Computer Engineering Schools might give you an idea: