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Vivian Apr 11, 2013 2689 views

Internship in the Science Field

I am a high school senior that is strongly interested in science. Summer is coming up and I was wondering where can I find internship related to medical field. I am interested in anything from doing research, working in the lab, learning surgical techniques, forensic science, or science and...

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AlexaL_af13 Mar 27, 2013 3527 views

Job as an Engineer

What does the day look like for engineers? #computer-engineer

RobreanB_af13’s Avatar
RobreanB_af13 Mar 27, 2013 1369 views

How much does a psychologist make?

How much does a psychologist make, on just a masters degree? #psychology

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SheridanJ_af13 Mar 27, 2013 4409 views

What is the employment rate for graduates with a Civil Engineering degree?

I am High School senior and I have my mind set on studying engineering. #civil-engineering

Wchin1995’s Avatar
Wchin1995 Mar 01, 2013 2079 views

What jobs are available for people who have a degree in environmental science?

I heard that you could go into the lab and tests different things or be more involved in collecting data. I would like to know more in depth about the different jobs you can apply for with a degree in environmental science. #jobs #environmental-science

AaronCodman4’s Avatar
AaronCodman4 Sep 07, 2012 6885 views

what composes the day-to-day life of an automotive engineer?

i have always been interested in cars and i want to know what it would be like to design them. i also want to know what kind of money i can expect to make. #engineer #mechanical #automotive #cars

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Aisha Sep 09, 2012 1935 views

What classes do you need to take in college if you want to be a engineer ?

I'm a sophomore in high school and i really want to be engineer. #engineering #engineer

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Aisha Sep 09, 2012 3163 views

Whats the best school to go to for computer engineering ?

I'm a sophomore in high school and i really want to be a engineer. Also i want to go to a good school for it.