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How long does it take to become an expert in the field of legal study?

I am asking this question because everyone keeps asking me how long is it going to take to become a lawyer, and then become an expert in your field of law! I am also wondering because it gets discouraging when I think I might be studying for 10 years, and then not pass the bar exam. #law-school

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2 answers

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Juan’s Answer

It implies to permanently keep on studying for sure, but I would say experience plays a main role in becomming an expert too.

You realize you are an expert when you feel you are at the level that allows you to have enriching discussions with other experts, so aside of the formal studies, having the chance to learn "on the field" by the hand of others will teach you a lot and make it easier to face a bar being more confident on your knowledge and capabilities.

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Kim’s Answer


It normally takes 7 years to become an attorney - 4 years to earn the Bachelor's, and then 3 years of law school. You will need to take a test to get into law school, called the LSAT. There are classes you can take to prepare you for that test - it is not easy! Then comes law school. It is difficult! But you will form study groups. By the time you get around to taking the bar exam, you will KNOW how to study! There are also special study sessions you can attend to prepare you for the bar exam. If you want it, you can do it - really! Don't run away from something you want out of fear of failure - meet your challenges head-on, and always tackle the hardest ones first!


Thanks Kim! You have answered my questions completely, and thank you also for the support! Aleisha R.

You're welcome! I love your enthusiasm! Feel free to reach out if you have other questions. No, I'm not a lawyer, but, have spent some time around them, as a client, and as a freelancer working for them. It's all very interesting! Kim Igleheart