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What advise do you have for balancing a Marine biology major with a Spanish minor that allows me the immersion I want in that culture without compromising my learning?

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2 answers

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Ria’s Answer

Plan plan plan!! This is super important when trying to complete a demanding major and minor and any other opportunities you want to take advantage of in college. I held a double major and completed one semester abroad with a semester-long capstone internship. I did this by taking the summer before my freshman year to sit down and go through all the courses I needed to complete both my prospective majors at the time so that I could see which courses and core requirements I needed to take and when. This helped immensely with course registration. I would highly suggest going abroad with a program that makes sense with your Spanish minor as cultural immersion (in Japan in my case) was really valuable. If you can't afford a semester, many universities and colleges offer 1 month or shorter programs in different countries that could provide a similar cultural immersion experience.

Ria recommends the following next steps:

Look at the requirements for your major and minor and any other core requirements for your school. Try to plan out when you need to take when (roughly) so you have an idea of when you can go abroad or pursue other opportunities.
Connect with your school's study abroad office and their staff will help you decide when and where is best for your cultural immersion experience.

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Rachel’s Answer

Study abroad! If you do not go somewhere and get immersed in the language, you will not be able to achieve the fluency that you probably desire. Even with a marine biology degree, you should still be able to plan for a semester, or even a summer, abroad.