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Is Psychiatry a good career choice?

Updated Lakehills, Texas

I want to become a Psychiatrist? Is Psychiatry a career that is in high demand in Texas?
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Leigh’s Answer


Yes, psychiatry is a good career choice if you would like to be in a helping profession. Psychiatrists are medical doctors (MD or DO) , so if you like life sciences it may be a good fit for you. Psychiatrists tend to make a good living and also have good working hours. You have to understand that everyone who comes to see a psychiatrist has a problem. There are no well "check-ups". You have to be able to tolerate strong emotions (whether that be sadness, anger, or anxiety) or abnormal behaviors at times. You also have to be open and non-judgmental because people will trust you and be willing to share things with you (they may have never shared with anyone else).

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