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What is the best way to stand out for scholarships?

Most essays for scholarships seem very general (why should you receive this, what are your career goals, ect). What is the best way to really shine and stand out in these essays? Where is best place to find more customized options for qualifying scholarships?#scholarshipsearch

I won a few scholarships, and my personal essays got me accepted in some neat schools! Writing is a powerful tool to open opportunities. You can check out for free swag!) and it can help give you interesting prompts. They mostly look for personal growth, authenticity, and passion! Do not cram your life story in 500 words! instead pick a moment where you really felt like you learned a lesson or discovered something about. A great way is pick something you are passionate about ex. sports, clubs, extracurriculars! Just find something you love and tell your story! Brownie points for being passionate in a career that improves society! Caitlin P.

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2 answers

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Raven’s Answer

Kayla the best way to stand out when applying for scholarships especially through essays is to be your full authentic self!!! When I applied for scholarships I put myself out there, I told them all about me, my reality and how my life experience was. What made me stronger than other prospects and so forth. Colleges indeed look for book smarts but what they want more than ever is life experiences! This is what makes you stand out!

Well colleges will be getting your transcripts already so don't focus so much about talking about your grades. Let them really get to know you. Put yourself out there and don't be afraid. You want to convince them that you are the best option for this scholarship. Include everything you have been doing in the past years of your high school experience. How has your life experiences been so far and what have they taught you. Some scholarships have a specific prompt they want you to answer. Make sure you answer it to your greatest ability. Don't ever be vague, be specific and real life examples are great. If you are asked to write an essay make sure you know how to properly format one. Angela A.

It can't just be a mess of words, they have to see that you actually know what you are doing. Now, if you want to find less strict scholarships I recommend using , , or In these websites, you have the option to narrow down your search for scholarships to see scholarships that are more applicable to you. There are even some weird and funny scholarships you can do. Also, go to your school career center or scholarship center or wherever you can and ask if there are an scholarships that are going unclaimed. Sometimes you may be able to get these scholarships. Angela A.

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Rosemarie’s Answer

As Raven said, it is definitely important to be your authentic self. I would also add that it is important get to the core of *why* this scholarship is being offered - what is the organization's mission statement? What do they value in a candidate, and how does that align with your values and lifestyle? Your transcript will speak for itself - think of the scholarship essay as a way for the reader to learn about the person beyond the numbers - they want to know what is important to you in your life.

One of the most effective ways to convey your values and how they align with the organization is through a story. While it might be difficult to think of an extremely profound moment in your life, remember that the value of the story is more so the lesson you took away from it than the events of the story itself. The story is used to convey your values, so you want the reader to understand not only what your values are, but how you practice those values in your daily life. If you can "show, not tell" the reader what is important to you, you will have created a great essay!

Best of luck to you :)