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What skill sets make for a better grad school application?

Asked Kenner, Louisiana

I'm looking to start building a resume with experience that'll reasonably prepare me for applying to graduate school. What kinds of opportunities should I be searching for to accomplish this?
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2 answers

John I.’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Hi Anthony!

Typically graduate schools are looking for candidates who already exhibit signs of what the school work would entail, either through legitimate work experience or through demonstrable work. I've completed 3 graduate degree programs and have been admitted to several others (Northwestern University, University of Oregon, Georgia Tech), and the key is to highlight your experience and interests in your application essay and/or statement of purpose. The more unique your story and skills (albeit valuable), the more likely your profile will stick in the minds of the admissions personnel. For example, my grad application included examples of software and technology projects I worked on for commercial (NBA, PGA Tour, Cartoon Network) and social/philanthropic purposes (Pro Bono Partners of Atlanta, Code2040, Code.org, TechBridge). That way, admission into the program seemed more like an extension of what I was already doing, RATHER than a blind leap into something I'd never done before

John I. recommends the following next steps:

  • Start some interesting projects to work on, particularly organizations and issues not many other people will be able to replicate
  • Find current or former graduate students online (LinkedIn) who can describe the entry process and provide insight into their experiences as a point of comparison
Also, start getting involved in community. This helps you connect with real-life problems and help see big picture in many cases on things you can do to help.

Samantha’s Answer

Updated Quincy, Massachusetts

In your resume you'll definitely want to highlight your experience in whichever field your pursuing. Whether it be any internships you had, specific classes, any clubs you were a part of, and any volunteer work. Also, when applying to Graduate school, you'll want to point out in your application why you are choosing that school, and what your ultimate goal is.