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Will Ivy League colleges continue to function if their requirements keep getting tougher?

Many students get discouraged about applying to Ivy League colleges because of their steep requirements for applications... #requirements #IvyLeague

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1 answer

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Austin’s Answer


Great question. Despite the fact that Ivy League schools are quite difficult to be accepted into they will continue to function. Even if their requirements get more and more strict, there are so many people that apply to these schools that there are bound to be highly intelligent people that get accepted. You do not have to be a computer to be accepted into Harvard, but you do have to be the best of the best. While difficult for most people, students do get accepted into the Ivy League schools despite their ever more stringent requirements. Because of the number of people who apply as well as the number highly intelligent people out there the schools of the Ivy League will continue to exist and function.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!!