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How can I network with individuals at a dream company if they do not recruit at my university?

Asked Carrollton, Texas

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Sarah’s Answer

On top of relying on LinkedIn, you can also check and see if the company is hosting any events that are open to the public. Some companies will host meetups or events to try attract talent and attending can be a great way to get to know people in the company and other people in other companies that maybe you hadn't thought of.

Also keep an eye out for conferences or career fairs that the company might be attending. Some of them are free to the public. Others have a fee but some will also offer scholarships to people who can't afford to go so you can submit an application.

Most conferences also have a directory of attendees so before the conference you can scroll through and identify people you'd like to meet. You can reach out through the conference app and directory and offer to buy a coffee in exchange for time to talk at the conference at a meet-up point.

Attending these events with your LinkedIn app ready to go will be helpful. On the LinkedIn app you can scan another persons QR code so you can connect with them. Meeting in person and connecting on LinkedIn is gonna help you stand out in the person memory since you actually met IRL and you can use that connection later on once you start looking for opportunities/internships.

Helpful tip - bring a battery pack to keep your phone charged as using LinkedIn and conference apps heavily while networking can be draining on the battery.

Sarah recommends the following next steps:

  • Build out your LinkedIn profile
  • Research free conferences you can attend
  • Research relevant conferences where you may qualify for a scholarship to attend
  • Download the LinkedIn Mobile App - learn how to use "Find People Nearby" function and "QR code" function

Austin’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Hi Inaara,

Really good question!! It is good that you are aware about recruiting and it is unfortunate that your desired company does not recruit from your university. Despite this little roadblock, there are still ways for you to network with and meet individuals from your dream company. I am not sure what year you are in college, but I recommend that you intern with your dream company if you still have time. Internships will provide you a way to directly work alongside with current employees and this can give you great insight into a possible future career. Also, companies often make full time offers to their interns which is good news for your (I was an intern that was offered a full time job with my past employer). This happens often enough where you should definitely do your best and be on your A game as you don't want to potentially squander a great opportunity like that.

Also, try and leverage who you know and your larger professional network. You'd be surprised regarding the number of people that you know who could provide you with a way "in". You may have a distant friend or a relative who knows someone who could set you up with a coffee meeting or something. It may seem like something small and inconsequential, but little meetings like that can often lead to establishing a professional relationship where they may be more willing and able to help you out. Everyone knows a surprisingly high amount of people, use who you know to your advantage!!

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!!



Natalie’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida


I would recommend connecting with individuals from your dream company via LinkedIn. Search for people in the specific department you'd like to work in or a recruiter. Once you connect with them, ask if they could connect for a brief call. Ask them advice on the best way to prepare to work at their company, qualities they are seeking or how to obtain an internship or job.

I'd also recommend going to a school fair that the company does attend. Check if they will allow you in to get some face time with the company you are interested in. Come prepared with your resume and questions.

Best of luck!

Joe’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas

Hi Inaara, a great way to begin recruiting your dream company is to build a solid profile on LinkedIn and send brief invitations to connect with individuals who work for the company. Your invitations should be brief, not asking for anything, and stating some reasons why you love what they are doing at their company and that you would like to connect. People tend to enjoy reaching back and helping others as long as they don't feel a burden to do so. As your network list begins to grow you can humbly ask their advice from time to time via LinkedIn message industry related questions, and follow-up with examples of how their advice helped you in your school work, personal life, etc which can organically build relationships. Simple fact, people hire and refer people they like. This isn't easy and it's not a quick process, but it is simple and takes work.

All my best,