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I self published a book. What's next?

Asked Duluth, Georgia

I've sold a decent number of copies of my novel, When the Clouds Break, but I don't know how to expand my audience without spending tons of money. Any advice would be appreciated. #books #writing #advertisement #publication

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Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Many people have found that they can get very good help by talking to the reference librarian at their local library to get their help in locating and contacting writers and authors groups in their area. This allows them to get first hand personal information and advice from people who are involved in the same endeavors as you. Also, there is a great group that provides free information and assistance to people like you who are interested in creating their own business. It is called SCORE, and can be found on this link. ## https://www.score.org/ ## They are made of retired executives and are part of the Small Business Administration. They assign someone to work with you who has experience in a similar type of company. They also put on helpful workshops. Becoming personally involved on a face to face one to one basis will be the best and fastest way for you to reach your goals.