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Whats the best collage to go to for Marine Biology?

Asked Bastrop, Texas

I want to study animals from the water background, but i'm not sure what school to go to.
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2 answers

Stephanie’s Answer

Updated Irving, Texas

Hey Shaylee,

This is a great question! If you're like me and like to be hands on when you learn, I would think the best colleges for Marine Biology would be along the coasts of the United States where they have the access and resources to marine animals. This means states like California, Florida, and Alaska! If you want to shoot for the stars, I'm positive that Hawaii may even be a choice too :)

The classes I've seen for Marine Biology are Biochemistry, Aquatic Botany, Coastal Marine Ecology, Animal Behavior, and Chemistry to name a few.

A lot of universities also offer long distance learning if you were interested in doing online classes as well!

I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out or reply with a comment for more feedback.


Stephanie recommends the following next steps:

  • Visit all the department sites for Marina Biology/Science to boil down what the prerequisites are for acceptance.
  • Maintain a good standing GPA (typically 3.0 or above)
  • University of West Florida, Florida Bachelor Program for Marine Biology
  • Coastal Carolina University, South Carolina Bachelor Program for Marine Science
  • University of California, Berkeley Bachelor Program for Marine Science

Jace’s Answer


I know in 2017 Duke was actually the top ranked marine biology university. Many other east colleges like Boston university and University of Maine were also very high on the list. I would definitely consider schools close proximaty of the coast. I know San Diego used to also have strong programs. You also have to find a school that fits for you. The program is important but so is culture and your fit in the school.

Best of luck and remember #umatter