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what type of work could you do as an engineer? could you have many types of ways you work?

I want to know how to work what to do what being an engineer so I could try my best to work. #help

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Brian’s Answer

There are different types of engineers, such as mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. Typically, each type of engineering is associated with a different area of science and that influences the types of problems that the engineer solves. There is a type of engineering associated with every kind of science, every product that you see around you was designed by engineers. But regardless of the type of engineering, there are a wide variety of ways that engineers practice their profession. Some work by themselves solving technical problems, others work as managers to guide other engineers. Some engineers travel frequently, others mostly stay at home. There is a place in engineering for anyone with good skills in math and science and a strong desire to use those skills to solve tough problems.