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Brian Schunck

Director, Intelligent Software Systems at GoPro
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
San Diego, California
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fernando’s Avatar
fernando May 15, 2023 263 views

was there people who helped you get through learning software development? would getting a tutor to help me learn code be worth it?

software development

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 15, 2023 915 views

How important is project management to a career as an engineer?

This is part of our professionals series where we ask professionals what they think students should know

Debora’s Avatar
Debora Mar 28, 2023 648 views

How can I practice what I have learned about Python?

I am trying to learn using the internet but it is complicated. I know the basics, but how do I put them together? I want to work as a software engineer.

Balram’s Avatar
Balram Apr 28, 2016 1293 views

How do I become a Software Engineer ?

I am in 10th Class and i love to work on diffrent Projects releted to computers. I have design Websites, Blogs, Youtube Channel and Mobile App.
#engineer #software-engineering #computer-software #software

maximillian’s Avatar
maximillian Jan 26, 2018 684 views

Should I buy a car or save for school?

I am wondering what to save my money for.
#financial-planning #college

isaiah’s Avatar
isaiah Jan 26, 2018 607 views

What is the best way to decide on a college

because i need to do figure that out soon #deathisapreferablealternative

Andre’s Avatar
Andre Mar 26, 2014 1745 views

Do you have to LOVE math in order to do Aerospace engineering?

I want to do aerospace engineering as a major but I don't really like math because it usually feels like I'm not doing anything constructive. Despite this I really want to be an aerospace engineer so I can contribute to the world. #aerospace-engineering

Sahira’s Avatar
Sahira Feb 16, 2015 2982 views

I'm unsure about my future career path

I'm about to enter college or pre uni. All this while, I have been interested in architecture and science-related fields. But lately, many people (even my parents) started telling me to open my options for other careers and courses, because not many universities offer Architecture, and I heard...

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian Apr 21, 2015 1550 views

What are some skills you learned outside of college that helped you in your field of Engineering?

While college education is a must in today's job market, what are some skills you learned outside of your schooling that helped you as an engineer in terms of competing in the job market? #engineering #electrical-engineering

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Jan 06, 2015 1806 views

What is a good profesion for me?

I am a 10th grader and I am really interested in Industrial design, and Mechanical engineering. I enjoy solving puzzles and building stuff. I am decent at math and physics and enjoy being active. What is the right job for me? #mechanical-engineer #industrial-engineering #industrial-design...

Kurt’s Avatar
Kurt Oct 10, 2014 40704 views

What minors are good to combine with a major in engineering?

I want to major in engineering but I am not sure what my minor will be. I was thinking maybe business, but I honestly have no perspective on this. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Oct 20, 2015 899 views

what type of work could you do as an engineer? could you have many types of ways you work?

I want to know how to work what to do what being an engineer so I could try my best to work. #help

Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie Jul 25, 2014 2193 views

Can someone tell me the difference between a Computer Scientist and a Computer Engineer?

The reason that I am asking this question because I thought that Computer Scientist and Computer Engineer were pretty much the same thing. If it is different, than can someone tell me the difference? #computer-science #computer #technology #computer-engineering #computer-engineer

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Mar 05, 2014 6010 views

What is the future on hardware engineering?

My father is a hardware engineer who loves his job and gets a good living out of it. However, software engineering tends to dominate over hardware engineering nowadays and I was wondering is hardware engineering going to survive and be as fruitful at this rate? #engineering #engineer #jobs...

DJ’s Avatar
DJ Aug 03, 2015 3814 views

What is the difference between mechanical engineering and electrical engineering?

I am looking to major in engineering but I'm not sure what field I want to major in. After college I want to be able work with robotics, computers, but also be to build things. #electrical-engineering #mechanical-engineer