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Do you have to LOVE math in order to do Aerospace engineering?

I want to do aerospace engineering as a major but I don't really like math because it usually feels like I'm not doing anything constructive. Despite this I really want to be an aerospace engineer so I can contribute to the world. #aerospace-engineering

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2 answers

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Harikrishna’s Answer

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Although I am not an Aerospace Engineer and have had very little exposure to Aerospace Engineering, I think your question is best answered by whether or not you like Aerospace engineering at all. You see, it is important to know and understand math in pretty much all of engineering, however, you may not use all the partial differential equations or analytically solve Reynold's transport theorem everyday. But it is very important to understand what the math says about the real world, about the applications that go into Aerospace engineering.

The laminar versus turbulent flows, for example, are expressed in complicated analytic equations or sometimes are so complicated that numerical methods have to be incorporated. Although you won't single-handedly do all the math in most cases, it is VERY essential that you understand how the math leads to an answer.

Math is a tool for engineering. You don't need to love it. You need to appreciate it, you need to accept its beauty and see its usefulness in engineering. And as it has turned out for many, by the time you learn to appreciate, accept and see what math does, you fall in 'LOVE' with it. :)

Thank you for the answer, I'll keep this in mind if I ever struggle in a math class Andre L.

I also plan on pursing engineering. Great answer! Troll M.

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Brian’s Answer

For any career in engineering, you have to be good at using math to solve problems. You need to love solving problems using math, but that does not mean you have to love doing math for the sake of doing math. The types of math used in engineering and the way that math is taught in engineering school is somewhat different as compared to math as it is taught in earlier grades. For most people, math is more interesting when they see how essential it is for solving interesting problems. You may find, as I did, that you enjoy the kind of math that is used in engineering and appreciate math more after seeing how it can solve important practical problems.