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How many opportunities are there for research in the aerospace industry?

Asked Hershey, Pennsylvania

I want to become an aerospace engineer but I am also interested in earning a PhD and becoming a researcher. #aerospace

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Consuelo’s Answer


I'm pretty new to the aerospace field but in my short time I've learned there's a TON of research opportunities out there. The only thing is it depends on what you do. PhD is much more specialized so it's hard to just say PhD in Aerospace. Do you want to do propulsion? Do you want to do finite element analysis? Do you want to do structural analysis, air flow analysis, materials research? There are a billion different options within "Aerospace". So yes! There are plenty of research jobs and opportunities! You just have to pick one :)

Consuelo recommends the following next steps:

  • Reach out to the college you're interested in attending and see if you can speak to some of the professors that are doing research and see if any of their work is interesting. Most people LOVE to talk about it and you might get some networking out of it in the long run!