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How hard would it be for me to be in the FBI?

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I'm thinking of a career in the FBI. How difficult would this be?
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David’s Answer

Nyomi, I am sorry this question hasn’t been answered for you yet. Are you good at keeping secrets? That can be too much for some people. You will from time to time, have to take the witness stand. I talked with an agent, after they were on the stand, for five days in a row and he never said it was hard. He just sounded a little tired. You will have to qualify with a firearm. Some of the things you can do, to make it seem less hard, is work in a bank, psychiatric hospital, computer science, or become a lawyer. And get the book, Special Agent: My life on the front lines as a woman in the FBI. ( Candice DeLong) She will tell you exactly what to do and expect!