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How can you be more social while in college?

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Ken’s Answer


You can by participating in things that you enjoy and that area related to your career area, but balancing college life is very important. Here area some important tips:

Balance College:




Lashay’s Answer


Hi Amber: Most importantly, be yourself. Be friendly to others, outgoing, and involved. If you are already a student, get involved. Even if you're not yet in college, prepare to join clubs and organizations that you are interested in. You will instantly be surrounded by people with similar interests. Also, try to meet at least one or two other young ladies to walk with for any evening events. Next, attend events on campus, your student fees are paying for them so take advantage of them. Also, try to form study groups for challenging topics, choose others doing better than or equal to you so you can benefit and learn together. Sometimes, talking it out can help. Also, share popcorn, cookies, tv, with others and they will come. Also, the recreation department might go on outtings like hiking, water rafting, and other group events for a fee. For closer relationships pledging a Greek organization may work for you. Many opportunities will be able so be ready to get involved. Best of luck! hi

Taylor’s Answer


Hi Amber- Be yourself but also be open to stepping out of your comfort zone. Attend events on campus or explore what kinds of clubs, groups, sports teams, and volunteer opportunities are available at your school. Make yourself approachable. Be open to talking to peers in your classes and starting conversations at any chance that you get. Study in public places like the library or join study groups. You will eventually find people that you connect with and gravitate to. Being friendly, open minded and getting yourself involved in different activities will take you a long way.

Article below is a good reference for helpful tips and advice.


Jennifer’s Answer



One thing that helped me was living in a dorm. Dorms usually have fun events planned and will put up flyers in the hallways. Go to them when you can and meet new people. It will also help meet people from other majors and backgrounds.

Depending on your major your school may have an organization you can join. For example, I majored in Industrial Engineering so I join organizations like Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. It was a great way to make friends with people in my classes and also get some interaction with professionals in my field.

Danny’s Answer


Not only join organizations/clubs with activities that you are interested in. But, join clubs having activities that will push your comfort level. You may find something that you did not think you could enjoy. Obviously, keep it safe. Be friendly and helpful to everyone. Especially the ones in need. If you are good at a subject, offer to tutor students. Have fun.