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What is the best major to take if you want to go into Pharmacy?

Asked Kenmore, New York

Would Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry be the best to take? Or are there other majors that would be better to take? #pharmacy #majors

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Gilbert’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Hello Jillian,

Most if not all US pharmacy schools require the applicants to complete a number of general and organic chemistry courses as well as biology classes as pre-requisite for attending pharmacy school. Having a good understanding of organic chemistry and biology is paramount for pharmacy students to further study clinical pharmacology. The pre-requisite requirements do vary from school to school. Being major in biology, chemistry, or biochemistry +/- a couple elective courses would fulfill the requirements.

With that said, being a pharmacist is so much more than just dispensing medications and knowing basic pharmacology. A lot of pharmacists are also required to run the pharmacy business as a pharmacy owner or a manager. If you can afford it, I actually recommend a business related degree or other degrees that set you apart from all other candidates with their biology/chemistry degrees.

Gilbert recommends the following next steps:

  • Research your target pharmacy schools. You need to know what the pre-requisite coursework is needed for each school.
  • Research the pharmacy industry! Many pharmacy students pursue an MBA, a law degree, or a PhD degree along with their PharmD degree. The question , “what you want to do in 5 and 10 years?”, is worth answering as you are contemplating your options as your are entering college.
  • Become a pharmacist for the right reason. A pharmacist is first and foremost a clinician whose primary responsibility is to take care patients. If that’s what you want to do, it is a great and rewarding career.
  • Good luck!
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