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What is the kind of degree does a dermatologist have to have?

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2 answers

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Estelle’s Answer

Dermatology requires a College degree with the fulfillment of the premed requirements as well as a high GPA and MCAT. I recommend a major for which you have a passion. Any major works as long as you fulfill the premed requirements.

Four years of medical school is followed by a one-year internship, usually in internal medicine. Then, dermatologists complete a 3 year dermatology residency. After residency there are some sub-specialty fellowships that are available but not required.
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Omar’s Answer

Hi Perla,

A dermatologist is a medical professional and the career path is very similar to any other type of doctor. The typically accepted steps are below:

1.) Pursue a 4 year undergraduate degree in a health or sciences related field. The prerequisites for med school will vary, but if you contact a college that you are interested about it, they will let you know.

2.) Apply to medical school. There are many programs available for dermatology

3.) Complete a 3 year residency program at a practice or a hospital, and attain your license and certification

You can also have a sub-specialty in dermatology as you progress through your career, and work in something like pediatric dermatology, if you'd like.

Best of luck!

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