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I plan on going to college fall of 2020 and I’m worried about how I am going to be able to pay for college. Tuition, books, boarding,etc. is $25,000+! What scholarships should I look into and is there a limit on how many scholarships a person can have?

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3 answers

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Kirsten Naomi’s Answer

Reach out to the financial aid office (at your chosen college or any college you're considering). It is their full-time job to know about how to finance education, so arrange a series of meetings to get information. After an initial info meeting, take some time to review the materials they share (there are lots!). Then, schedule another meeting to address your follow-up questions. Never feel like you're hassling or a question is too small.

I am unaware of a limit on scholarships, but some scholarships are limited to certain things (e.g. tuition), so if that's covered by another scholarship, you may "have" the money, but nowhere to spend it if it's covered by something else.

Kirsten Naomi recommends the following next steps:

Reach out to the financial aid office at the college. Arrange an introductory meeting.
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Debbie’s Answer

I hope your first semester is going well. I definitely recommend looking at internal and external scholarships that your college may provide. Also, there is no limit on how many scholarships a person can have. I would focus on maintaining a high GPA, and also joining organizations at your college because sometimes those organizations offer scholarships for a variety of things!
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Javier’s Answer

I recommend starting in a community college to cut those cost but 3/4 and transfer to your 4 year after 2 years.

This will save you a lot of money.