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What collage should i go to for a vet.

I need to know what collage i should go to. #veterinarian

Ross University Vet School. Lynnsey C.

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Tania’s Answer

If you are asking which school (most are universities) you should go to for you veterinary school training: Here is the list of schools that are accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. There are 30 in the US and many in other countries, like Canada and Australia. Many people aim to go to the best veterinary schools, but getting into any accredited vet school with help you achieve your goal of being a veterinarian. Where you decide to go the vet school will depend on where in the country (or world) you would like to live, does the school offer education is the fields you are interested in --some school have strong wildlife programs, others may have strong farm animal programs, while still other is be strong in research and public health. A big factor is, can you afford that school; some schools are private and cost tens of thousand of dollars to attend, other are state universities and have lower cost for in-state students. While your state, Kentucky, does not have a vet school, it does have contracts with Auburn and Tuskegee in Alabama for legal Kentucky residents.

If you are asking which college you should attend prior to going to vet school: Any school at which you can complete the prerequisites for veterinary school and where you can gain experience working or volunteering in the animal/veterinary field. Most people go to a 4 year university or college and complete a Bachelor's degree. Because the prerequisite for vet school include biology, physiology, calculus, chemistry, organic chemistry and physics, many people get their Bachelor's in biology, zoology or animal science, but this isn't required. You could major in English, and as long are you complete the prereques, you can apply to vet school.