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What Universities have Forensic Science Curriculum?

Asked Pikeville, Kentucky

Hello, I'm Felicia.

I'm in the 6th grade at Pikeville Elementary School in Pikeville, KY. I would like to work in the area of Crime Scene Investigations. I'm considering being a Detective but I'm not sure. Any ideas on annual salary?


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David’s Answer


Felicia, you don’t have to be a detective in order to be a crime scene tech. Penn State, Texas A&M, Columbia College, John Jay College and I do believe there is one at U Conn. New Haven. Most detectives were patrol officers first. But most FBI agents were not police officers. You should check out both. If you can and your parents let you, watch Cold Justice on the Oxygen channel. It’s also on Netflix. There are seasoned detectives, a prosecutor and a crime scene specialist. (Yolanda) watch her, if you want to be inspired as a crime scene tech. This show will let you know real fast, if this is what want to do. It’s very motivating and inspiring. It can also be a little shocking to sensative people. So be cautious. FBI.gov will tell you the annual salary. Most local police departments will tell you the starting salary of a new recruit. The annual salary of a police detective, doesn’t seem to be usually revealed.

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