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What advice would you give a high school student that has no idea what they would like to major in?

Asked Birmingham, Alabama

My nephew is about to graduate from high school. His dad is looking to me to offer up some great advice on what he should do. I need some reinforcement. #high-school-students #high-school

2 answers

Kelsey’s Answer

In my experience, it’s totally normal to not know what to major in. I was in the same boat - I was interested in so many different subjects that I didn’t know how to commit to one! Luckily, many universities require all students take “general education” classes, which are meant to help freshmen and sophomores discover what they’re good at and what they’re interested in. It may also be that he doesn’t know what careers are out there that match his interests! Have him explore career options online. This is a great site: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/majors-careers

Daisy’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

In my experience many high school students who are graduating are not sure what they would like to major in. For me, I switched my major about 7 times before returning to my original major and then switching again once I transferred out of community college.

I think the best advice to give someone in that situation is that it is okay to be unsure of what you want to do and to assure them that a major choice is not a permanent career choice. I would suggest that he begins with general courses first to try and see what strikes his interest. Something that I use with my undecided students is onetonline.org to gauge their interest and see what careers they like and then connect those careers with a major.