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What strategies are the most beneficial when it comes to taking college exams?

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Serge V.’s Answer

Hi Ashley!!

When I was in college, I used to leave my TV on and listen to music and I used to read and study!! LOL All kidding aside, you have to decide whats best for yourself. I want to relax and feel good when I study but you have to determine what makes you relax. A lot of people suffers from test anxiety which I had back in college so that's why watching sports and listening to music calmed me down. I hope this helps you out, Keep me posted!!


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Erika’s Answer

When taking college exams, I always found it helpful to have a copy of the syllabus in front of me, and then organized my notes and assignments from there. If the professor or TA offers study sessions, I highly recommend attending. Make flashcards for key words, equations, whatever it may be depending on the class - especially if they are hard for you to recall. Look at them on a daily basis, even if it's weeks before the exam; it will help prevent needing to 'cram'. It can also help to talk to friends that have taken the class before; they may have insights as to whether your professor usually tests from lectures, readings, or a combination of both. Don't wait until the last minute, and stay calm during the exam. Good luck!