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If signing up for a scholarship/grant is simply a sweepstake is there any danger of it being a scam?

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I am trying to apply for scholarships through many websites and have come across quite a few that just want to ask me survey questions. Is there a danger in answering them since they are about where I live and what I do? #financialaid

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Bryon’s Answer


There is always a possibility when applying for things online for people to be taken advantage of.  Here are some quick tips to remember when applying:

  1. Never provide financial information when applying.  All reputable grants and scholarships should be free to apply for.
  2. Be wary of emails saying you have received a scholarship for anything you have not applied for.  This is a common fishing scam to get you to give up important information such as SS#.
  3. Avoid any company that promises exclusive access to scholarships.  Usually this is an attempt to get money from applicants for freely available information online.

If there is any concern that a company or scholarship is fraudulent you can always check local attorney generals office or better business bureau to see if there is reports of fraud.

If you’ve been accepted to a school, the financial aid rep their may know reputable sources or your current state or school financial aid department may also know.