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How do work studies work?

What are work studies? All I know are that they are jobs you have in college which seem neat. #college #career #research #work

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3 answers

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Catherine’s Answer

Work studies are jobs you can have while your are a college student. More specifically, they are jobs that are offered to students as part of a financial aid package. If you are eligible for financial aid, a college may offer you a package that covers part or all of your tuition and room and board costs. That package may include scholarship money and work study as another. For example, you may be given a package that is $10,000 in total, which is made of $8,000 of scholarship money and $2,000 that you can earn through work study. That means, you will have to find one of the work study jobs available on campus (which in my experience, included things as simple as sorting books at the library and as interesting as a research position in a lab), and earn up to $2,000 which can be used to pay for your expenses.

Thanks. This gave me a lot more information. I'll look and see if I qualify! Alexander N.

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Jenn’s Answer

Work study typically refers to one type of financial aid where you have an on-campus job and part/all of your earnings goes toward your tuition; it's a student contribution to the financial aid agreement. However, there are also plenty of jobs that you can get in college that are not work-study eligible.

Is there a particular kind of student job that you're especially interested in?

I would most likely be interested in lab research since I really like science. Thanks for responding. Alexander N.

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Ari’s Answer

Work study is an on campus job where the money is factored into your financial aid package and generally can be direct deposit to your bank account. It gives you a way to have an income while you are living away from home and trying to provide for yourself in some sense.