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Do I have to work alone, or in a group to become a game developer?

I've seen Mircosoft and always thought it was a one person thing, then a question popped up Is it better to work alone, or in groups when making games? #groups

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Victoria,

  • Developers tend to work in a team environment in order to meet the complex nature of contemporary games. It is not uncommon for groups and individual team members to be located remotely or in other parts of the world. The role is typically office, studio or production house based, although there are some freelancers working from home.

  • Working hours are usually flexible, with many developers starting later than 9am. However, working hours are generally long and developers often work a 40-hour week or more.
    In order to try to meet games completion deadlines, games development teams may need to work a 60 to 80-hour week, including work over the weekends.

  • The working environment for games developers is often informal and the dress code is usually casual, although this may depend on the amount of client contact.

  • Occasional travel, including international travel, may be required in order to meet clients, attend training courses or carry out research.



Thank you comment icon yea your right they usaly work in a team or by themselvs Noah