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Victoria Oct 29, 2015 1556 views

Can i develop games now, for practice? And if so what progams do I use?

Im in 6th, and asked several games question, and recently was wondering if I could develop games as of now, instead of waiting. I'll get some practice when im older, and if i could, is there any special requirements. As In what kind of Progams, Any help will be apprectiated!! #career

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Victoria Oct 29, 2015 2151 views

For Microsoft:How much is the Salary?

I want to work for Microsoft to become an game developer, i plant to go to college for gaming and want to work with Microsoft when I gradute, but is the salary ok,good, or terrible? Any question will be apprectiated! #salary #microsoft

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Victoria Oct 28, 2015 897 views

Do I have to work alone, or in a group to become a game developer?

I've seen Mircosoft and always thought it was a one person thing, then a question popped up Is it better to work alone, or in groups when making games? #groups

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Victoria Oct 26, 2015 1062 views

What skills do I need to become a Game Developer?

Im in love with games, and recently asked a question about the same topic, now im wondering if i need any particularly skills (Such as Artistic,Fast typer, ETC) to help me achieve my goal. Thank you for reading this! #skills #game-development

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Victoria Oct 23, 2015 3562 views

Do I need a degree in college to become a Game Developer?

Im in 6th grade and never had a mom. Growing up with my dad I became a tomboy who loves video games. I once saw the creation of 'Assassin Creed: Black Flag' and wondered how they made games. I'm also very artistic and knew that was a lean toward the game development, do I need a degree in...