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What skills do I need to become a Game Developer?

Im in love with games, and recently asked a question about the same topic, now im wondering if i need any particularly skills (Such as Artistic,Fast typer, ETC) to help me achieve my goal. Thank you for reading this! #skills #game-development

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2 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hello Victoria,

Although this role is open to graduates in all subject areas, a relevant degree, HND or foundation degree in one of the following subjects may increase your chances:

  • computer games development;

  • computer games design;

  • multimedia design;

  • interactive media;

  • software engineering;

  • mathematics;

  • physics;

  • animation;

  • graphic design;

  • computer science.

Although you do not need to have an HND or degree to enter at this level, some programming experience is desirable, as well as extensive experience of game playing, an understanding of different styles, and platforms and database skills.

A relevant postgraduate qualification, while not essential, may be useful, especially if your first degree or HND does not involve a games specialism element. Several universities offer Masters degrees in games-related specialisms.

It is essential that you create a portfolio (for artistic roles) or working demo (for programming roles) with examples of work you have created. This gives employers a good idea of your talent and creativity. The ability to code in C++, scripting experience and knowledge of specific software tools are also useful skills.

Relevant work experience gained, for example, through an industrial placement during your degree, is also valuable.

Candidates will need to show evidence of the following:

  • technical ability, in particular familiarisation with a range of software packages and/or programming languages;

  • teamworking skills;

  • ability to work independently;

  • creativity;

  • communication skills;

  • problem-solving ability;

  • flexibility;

  • self-motivation;

  • initiative;

  • enthusiasm;

  • ability to meet deadlines and client requirements.

A strong interest in games and knowledge of the industry is also vital. Get involved in online forums to increase your knowledge of current industry hot topics and read relevant games development magazines, such as Gamasutra and 3D World .

It is widely predicted in the industry that games will become even closer to film in terms of technological advances. Because of this, skills in cinematography or story writing are likely to be welcomed within the games development role.

As games are sold internationally, developers also need to have a good level of cultural awareness so that games are appropriate to their markets.

More information about courses and internships in:

Much success and great achievements!!!!!!

Thank you comment icon thank you for amazing info Justin
Thank you comment icon Thank you very much! Victoria
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Ed’s Answer

Being a good artist will help you communicate your vision to others on your team. It will also allow you to roll your sleeves up and actually help in the development of the game, not just the design. If you had mentioned programming, I would have encouraged you there, as well. Usually people might excel at either art or programming but not both.

Best wishes!