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Ed Magnin is a 35+ year game industry veteran, specializing in mobile games
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Jie T. Jun 26, 2015 670 views

How to be a good game designer

I'm 16 and I go to Balboa High School in 11th grade. I am very interested on how people make these amazing PC games and is so cool how they make it and is so fun playing it....


JFIRe10 R.’s Avatar
JFIRe10 R. Jul 28, 2015 778 views

What Are The Equipments gonna use for either Game Developer or Artist ?

Hi Guys!,,, First of all I'm a Freshman College Student,,, I wanna know all the needed Equipments of either Game Dveleoper or Artist since my the University I'm attending to isn't starting yet and I'm already excited to go to school ,,, I want a head start to know all the basic equipments,...

college game-developer

John  W.’s Avatar
John W. Sep 03, 2015 1705 views

What is a career that will be beneficial for me after college in terms of salary and also a career that will not die out?

I am a senior in high school, and I am looking for a career that will be beneficial for me after college in terms of salary and also a career that will not die out. I know this a tough topic to answer but I need some arrow to follow. A career in computers, game design, security, or something to...

computers career salary gaming

Victoria B.’s Avatar
Victoria B. Oct 26, 2015 741 views

What skills do I need to become a Game Developer?

Im in love with games, and recently asked a question about the same topic, now im wondering if i need any particularly skills (Such as Artistic,Fast typer, ETC) to help me achieve my goal. Thank you for reading this! skills...


Calvin K.’s Avatar
Calvin K. May 17, 2016 976 views

What should I expect to run into when going into a degree for game development?

I've always been fascinated with gaming's ability to create worlds for everyone to enjoy, but I know that developing games is anything but a cakewalk. What subjects and technologies should I expect to run into for a game development degree? video-games game-development video-game-development...

game-developer developer video-game-production

Javonte S.’s Avatar
Javonte S. May 24, 2016 596 views

What gaming device do you play on the most?

I'm interested in learning what game developers enjoy playing the most (Playstation, Xbox, etc.) [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] college career technology video-games computer-games...


Andrew P.’s Avatar
Andrew P. May 27, 2016 710 views

What is it like to be an animator or game designer?

I have some interest in becoming of the the jobs above. I really like being creative. art animation game-design...


Leion E.’s Avatar
Leion E. Sep 01, 2016 683 views

Video Gaming

What is it like to work in the video gaming industry??? game-programming microsoft quality-assurance alienware...


Patrick K.’s Avatar
Patrick K. Dec 29, 2016 827 views

What was your first job in the game development industry? Please share your experiences--the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it--with me.

Hello. I am an aspiring Game Designer/Developer who's attending college to get my Bachelor's Degree. I was just wondering to all the veterans and professionals in the Game Development world, what was your first job title working in the industry? Did you like it? Was it memorable? What game...

video-game-design game-development video-games computer-games successes challenges game-design professional-development

nicolas W.’s Avatar
nicolas W. Feb 09, 2017 743 views
Tyler H.’s Avatar
Tyler H. Feb 22, 2017 908 views

What subject's are best for Game Designing or Engineering?

I want to be a Game Designer and Game player and I need to know what is involved in Game Designing game-development...


Tyler H.’s Avatar
Tyler H. Feb 22, 2017 651 views

What would be the best college to go to if you want to design games and play games

I want to design games and play games and I want to know what would the best college to go to. video-games youtube game-development...


Ernesto G.’s Avatar
Ernesto G. Mar 08, 2017 485 views

what college classes should I take for game design?

I am asking this question because I want to be a video game designer design...


Thomas G.’s Avatar
Thomas G. May 26, 2017 730 views

What is the formal education needed for becoming a video game designer?

I want to know what type of education you need to become a video game designer and what courses are recommended. computer-science computer-software computer video-games computer-games video-game-design video-game-development...