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How to get a good Starting point in the field of Game Design

So i'm looking to peruse a career in Video game design and currently gonna be a senior in high school and want to know a good starting point for getting into it before going off to college.
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2 answers

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Sachin’s Answer

I think that a good starting point could be doing the courses that are currently available on Coursera such as
https://www.coursera.org/specializations/game-design and https://www.coursera.org/specializations/game-development

You can evaluate the courses for free - and get upgrade to a certification later if you like it. But what doing these courses would do, is give you a basic understanding of what game design/development actually is. Then you can better plan what you would like to do in the future.

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Ed’s Answer

First of all decide whether you're better at art or programming, as no one is going to let you be the designer on your first job. You should have a talent in one or the other. Unity is a good game engine that is available free until you make enough money that you have to pay them. Download a copy and watch tutorial videos on YouTube or Unity3d.com. See if you actually enjoy trying to put together some simple games from a tutorial.

Ed recommends the following next steps:

If you've decide you like then look for a school where you can learn more. There are schools all over the country. If you're more on the art side there is an Art Institute in Phoenix. Do a search online and see what schools look like they might meet your needs. Then feel free to write back and we'll try to see if that would be a good fit for you.