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Krishna’s Avatar
Krishna Aug 17, 2018 455 views

I am the age of 17 can I play badminton to become a professional player

#interschool competetion
#to participate in state level
#age 17
What's the procedure to play in state level conducted in school level in Tamil nadu

nicolas’s Avatar
nicolas Feb 09, 2017 922 views

If I want to be a game designer what skills do I need?

i am asking this question because i am interested in this job #to #game #video-games #game-development #game-design #video-game-design

shaniya’s Avatar
shaniya Dec 06, 2016 588 views

What is the best part about teaching

I'm asking because i really want to teach students i want to teach children that cold never have the chance to go to school the children that can't get a proper education in this world i want to be the person that change little children lives this i why i want to teach and this i why i ask this...

cynthia’s Avatar
cynthia Oct 24, 2016 684 views

What kinds of jobs would be most beneficial in the career category of computer science?

list some jobs with the highest pay, that are most beneficial and won't require an unstable scedule, and will be a helpful and necessary career to others (i.e. a market that hasn't been filled and would help people). #anyone #to #has #opinion #good #that #contribute