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If I want to be a game designer what skills do I need?

Updated Justin, Texas

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3 answers

Cuong’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

I believe you can be game designer if you actually take the time to learn the methods and pursue which areas you are strong at. If you like do art work, you could go towards to character designer, modeling characters and backstory and such. If you like to figuring out code and math related problems, programming is the best way to go, where you would code to make the functions of certain aspects of the game.

I would try Unity 3D, I didn't know much of coding such as C# but I learned while doing it. And I knew how to design and create art, so it helped me to create a mini-game.

Ed’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas
To be a game designer you probably also need skills as an artist or programmer. It's like becoming the conductor of the orchestra. They don't just hand you the baton, you work your way up. If you're good at math, you might take a look at programming. If you have art talent, then I would pursue 2d and 3d art. You should also study game design itself. There are a number of good books. Since you live in the DFW area, I would take a look at UTD. Some community colleges offer classes. Unfortunately they are more on the D and not the FW side of the metroplex. Try Richland College in Dallas. (They offer 2-year degrees, but you can transfer and finish at UTD.)

Nikki’s Answer

Updated Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
One way to get started is to begin modding other games to make them your own. Or design your own games. Even better, get some of your friends involved and design a new game as a group. The games you design can be board games or digital games, depending on what tools you know how to use. Game design companies want to see a portfolio of games that you have worked on, so developing a collection of games you can showcase will be an important way to either get admission into a game design program or get a job in the industry. If you don't know how to get started with game design, I recommend reading "The Art of Game Design" by Jesse Schell.
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