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Does it require working with others?

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2 answers

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Amanda’s Answer

Hey Scout,

Both the game development and game design processes are highly collaborative. Regardless of what your chosen discipline is within those processes, you'll generally work alongside a group of peers with a similar role, or you will be placed on a functional team that houses several roles that will then come together to complete the development process that your group is assigned to. Group sizes will vary depending on what your role is, how big the studio is, how big the project is, and how many partners the project requires to be successful.

Game development and design can be complex. It requires individuals to come together to ensure all of the components are properly represented and advocated for. Generally, the environment within game studios allows for open communication, transparency, open creativity, and innovation! So if working in a group has been challenging for you in the past, I recommend just trusting in what you know. Everyone will have expertise and knowledge in different things, and having diverse opinions and representation on the project can only make the final product stronger for your players.

(Former Ubisoft Employee)

Amanda recommends the following next steps:

[1] Read about company culture on your favorite game studios career websites
[2] Find YouTube videos from popular studios that talk about 'a day in the life'
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Dianne’s Answer

No matter what you do for work it will require workings with others.