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meerab N. Jul 14, 2021 93 views

what to do if your GCSE result isn't good

i just set my GCSE examinations. But i think that the result might not be good. Because I just came in year 10. And I didn't even go to school for about 6-9months last year because of covid. I really wanna do a-level biology and chemistry...


India M.’s Avatar
India M. Jul 25, 2021 86 views

What are some steps to help me become a nail technician?

Well I've been doing nails for a year now but it's on and off because I don't know what i'm doing and need more practice to get better doing them. When I didn't know something I would watch nail tutorials videos on you-tube but when I tried it, it just wasn't working. nailtechnician...


Yazmaine R.’s Avatar
Yazmaine R. Sep 01, 2021 171 views

As a genetic counselor what are some things you wish someone told you before pursuing this career?

I'm a high school graduate, graduated this year. I am enrolled in job corps and am doing research on careers that I may want to pursue psychology career career-path . I am interested in becoming a genetic counselor and want to learn as much as possible from someone already in that...

Candice H.’s Avatar
Candice H. Sep 09, 2021 117 views

I want to do some archeology when I complete collage. What archeology team would be the best to join?

I am interested in both finding artifacts and dinosaur bones. I am hoping to do archeology in Japan, but I can do so elsewhere if there are no archeology jobs in Japan. Thanks! science...


Eileen E.’s Avatar
Eileen E. Sep 19, 2021 112 views

What do I need to do to become a dental hygienist?

It’s my last year of high school. I’ve really been wanting to become one dental...


Unachukwu A.’s Avatar
Unachukwu A. Sep 21, 2021 123 views

How to be a professional social worker

I love to learn everyday...


Julian L.’s Avatar
Julian L. Sep 29, 2021 104 views

Good GPA is needed?

do i need a good gpa to get into Western Welding Academy (WWA) # gpa...


Jiayi W.’s Avatar
Jiayi W. Oct 05, 2021 118 views

How can I start being a real estate realtor?

Hello everyone! I am currently a Junior and I was wondering what can I do now if being a real estate realtor is something I want to pursue....


Hailey M.’s Avatar
Hailey M. Oct 07, 2021 127 views

What Are Good College's For Starting Early and Majoring in Veterinarian Medicines?

I'm a 12th grade student looking for affordable college, hoping to start early in majoring in my Veterinarian Medicines so I don't have to go a full 8 years and start early instead to get it done with. I'm finished high school in January so where do I start in order to get experience as well....

college veterinary-medicine veterinarian