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what qualification should I have to become a game programmer?

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2 answers

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Amanda’s Answer

Hey Anjali,

Arun is correct that C/C++/C# are popular programming languages on game engines that most studios (small, or large) are likely going to use. When studying game development formally, those are also the programming languages that they encourage for beginners. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there for aspiring programmers to lean on when getting started.

You can find books on programming for beginners if you're someone who needs a little structure and guidance in the beginning. You can also find great free resources on how to code online. When I was studying game development previously, I used Pluralsight for my art and programming skill development sessions. Pluralsight is a paid service, but it's one example of a resource that you can find online from your home.

While I don't recommend leaning too heavily into this since it might reduce your flexibility in the long-term, you can also find blog posts and other documentation online regarding which programming languages your favorite gaming companies are using within their engines too to see where there is overlap in programming language there if you're aspiring to join one company over another.

(Former Game Artist and Development Student)

Amanda recommends the following next steps:

[1] Research the following languages: C/C++/C#
[2] Find online resources for beginners centered around these languages
[3] Find online forums where you can ask questions about your code
[4] Research what languages are common for the companies you're interested in
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Arun’s Answer

Hey Anajali

C/C++ is 1 I will say. If you know that, rest becomes easy.
A couple of more options are listed here -