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What is the best part about teaching

I'm asking because i really want to teach students i want to teach children that cold never have the chance to go to school the children that can't get a proper education in this world i want to be the person that change little children lives this i why i want to teach and this i why i ask this question about teaching. #to #have #they #feel #really #wants #what

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2 answers

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Bryant’s Answer

Hi Shaniya,

I am so glad that you are interested in teaching, and as a former teacher, your heart and your goals are both admirable and inspiring The best part of teaching is absolutely the amazing students you get to work with every day. Each student is so unique in his or her own way, which allows you as a teacher to build on some incredible relationships throughout the school year. Students bring so many different backgrounds, experiences, and challenges to the classroom, and as a teacher it is your job to make sure these students have every opportunity to be amazing. Students are brilliant, it's the teacher's job to make sure that brilliance shows. I think that is pretty powerful.

Keep up your hard work in striving to help children!

  • Bryant

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Anthony’s Answer

The understanding that each and every day a difference is being made in various students lives and your able to connect with them on a personal level to help them understand the subject matter more.