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Randy Feb 14, 2019 455 views

What type of certifications do you have

MHDO #MHDO #medicine #career

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Greg Jan 30, 2019 584 views

Law School / LSAT

I'm graduating next Dec and have been studying for the LSAT. I've been looking for a group to study with within the Bay Area, and a mentor to just ask questions about law school as a whole. Such as application process, reasonable expectations to acceptance, and a typical class schedule. Its...

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Jan 26, 2019 4951 views

What APs should I take If I want to major in Law

#law-school #law #lawyer #APs

Chanyah’s Avatar
Chanyah Jan 08, 2019 516 views

Do you have to take specific classes in college to be able to teach in better schools.

#teaching #school #education

Tamarious’s Avatar
Tamarious Aug 26, 2018 484 views

What are somethings that I can start doing to prepare for college?

What are somethings I could be doing now to prepare for college? I’m a high school senior. #high-school

emma’s Avatar
emma Feb 08, 2017 919 views


What training do you have to do to become a teacher? #teaching #education #team-leadership

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia Jan 16, 2018 928 views

How can I help a student to love learning?

As an Education major, I've realize that many students deal with many issues and sometimes don't take priority in their own education. From dealing with family issues to mental issues, I understand that one of my main jobs is to make sure that students passes the class that I teach, but I want...

Alfred’s Avatar
Alfred Jan 17, 2018 827 views

How can i give back to people that supported me throughout high school?

I like to think about giving back to thoughs who supported me through my tough times in high school, so they know I appreciate what they did. #high-school-classes #networking #teacher

rebecca’s Avatar
rebecca May 25, 2018 874 views

How can I make the most out of college for my life?

#college-life #college #college-degree #career

Manuel’s Avatar
Manuel May 25, 2018 952 views

Where do I find viable scholarships?

I’m a rising freshman in college, and have won a few scholarships through applications I found in my school’s college and career center. But where else can I find scholarships? I’ve seen some websites that say they offer these opportunities, but I’m not sure if they’re real. #scholarships...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 22, 2018 2054 views

Help with Scholarships

Has anyone had any great luck with academic scholarships and where did you find them? I’m paying for everything myself and it’s quite a burden! I make great grades but it seems financial help is reserved mostly for those who can’t afford school on paper. #financial-aid #scholarships #college

Grace’s Avatar
Grace May 22, 2018 922 views

What is some advice for a person planning to attend Law School?

Is Law School really as hard as people say it is? I’ve read that Law School is extremely high-pressure and stressful, and that the LSAT and bar exams are very difficult to pass. What would be some advice for an aspiring law student? #law-school #LSAT #college #graduate-school

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jan 17, 2018 870 views

What is the best way to network in an online only school?

I will be attending an online school for my Master's Program and would like to make some contacts that may help me later. #networking #online-schooling #graduate-school #connections

Nicolas’s Avatar
Nicolas Mar 19, 2018 608 views

Why aren't more students looking at Technical Colleges

Technical Colleges offer real world training for instant job market readiness. Yet most students and High school push for big Universities and state colleges. I didn't know about my state technical college and found it almost by accident. Since then I have convinced 2 others to join, who...

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Jan 16, 2018 695 views

Should I change my plans of becoming a teacher so I will have a potentially more stable financial future?

I really want to be a teacher but I am worried I will not make enough money to support myself/my family in the future. #tobeornottobe #teaching #education