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Where do I find viable scholarships?

I’m a rising freshman in college, and have won a few scholarships through applications I found in my school’s college and career center. But where else can I find scholarships? I’ve seen some websites that say they offer these opportunities, but I’m not sure if they’re real. #scholarships #helpmepayforcollege #scholarship #applying-to-scholarships #college

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Bryant’s Answer

Hi Manuel,

Bryant here from the CareerVillage team! I've shared this response with another student, but I though it would be helpful to share with you:

I recently saw another question where a Professional recommended Chegg.com/scholarships for scholarship searches, so I wanted to share a link to that advice while we work on getting your question answered as well!

Here is a link to Frank's advice: https://www.careervillage.org/questions/86671/how-do-i-find-more-scholarships-for-college?page=1#112639

Lastly, I know that CareerVillage has posted some small scholarships through Niche.com as well as Cappex so you might want to check out those opportunities as well!

Best of luck,