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Why aren't more students looking at Technical Colleges

Technical Colleges offer real world training for instant job market readiness. Yet most students and High school push for big Universities and state colleges. I didn't know about my state technical college and found it almost by accident. Since then I have convinced 2 others to join, who also were looking for an alternative to high cost higher education.


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2 answers

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Bryant’s Answer

Hi Nicolas,

That's a great observation that Technical Colleges that teach practical skills are not a top priority for students. Unfortunately, traditional "4 Year Universities" has been pushed onto students as the most important option to find success post high school graduation. So many students from the day they start Kindergarten are told to reach your full potential you must go to a good four year university and earn a traditional college degree. And though 4 Year Universities are a great option for many students to develop skills and find career success, it is definitely not the only option nor the best option for every students.

I think we are slowly seeing changes in this thinking at the K-12 level with more and more resources going into Career and Technical Education that values both Career Skills and College education. Additionally, you are seeing more Schools that emphasis innovation and career readiness that traditional schools only focused on the core subjects. But unfortunately, education far too often is slow to react to the reality youth are facing in making choices about their futures. I am glad that you found a technical college that really excites and meets your needs! I'm sure you will find great success!


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Nisha’s Answer

I agree with you Nicholas. Times have changed. In the IT space, certifications and experience can get your foot in the door at a great salary. A degree can help push you further along or help you get into IT Management. A 4 year University is NOT the only answer.