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Is a technical school better than a trade school?

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2 answers

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Vickey’s Answer

As best as I can determine, they are pretty much the same thing. The real choice would be a technical/trade school vs college. If you want to go to school and learn a specific trade without all the college requirements, then a trade school is your best choice. You will be done with the program quicker and in the work force sooner.

If you really aren't sure what you want, then choose college. You can explore a variety of subjects and receive a well rounded education.

A lot of people go to the trade school, get a good job, and then go back to college for the degree. My opinion, if you are strapped for cash and you think you know what you want to do with your life, go to the trade/technical school. Get financially stable, then go back for the degree.

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Stephanie’s Answer

If you choose to go to College verses the Trade School, take advantage of dual credit courses, if available at your high school. Also, junior colleges are a good place to start to get some of your basics out of the way. It is much less expensive. When choosing classes, work with the counselor to make sure the courses you take will transfer to the school you eventually want to attend.

Trade school is a very good option as well. Vickey summarized that nicely.