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Nisha Prudhomme

Network Engineer
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Houston, Texas
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Kota Jun 04, 2020 4961 views

What is ICND 1 and ICND 2,and how it is related to CCNA?

#cisco #cisco certification #network #entry level #networking #cybersecurity

Jorge’s Avatar
Jorge Dec 06, 2019 502 views

Why did you go into teaching when welding pays so well?

#teaching #teacher

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Lizbeth Oct 20, 2017 1261 views

How much money do you earn as a teacher?

l'm asking because i want to help my parents. #teaching #teacher #teach #teacher-training #education

Jaime’s Avatar
Jaime Nov 05, 2019 393 views

A Travel Agent has to locate in different cities?

I think it will be interesting to be able to visit other places within work. #travelagents

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Nov 06, 2019 506 views

How do you get started in the animation industry?

Is there anyway you can describe how or what it is like in general when making your debut in the animation industry? Is there any specific process?

#animation #art #graphic-design #artist

Horizon’s Avatar
Horizon Nov 07, 2019 664 views

Are you in it for the money or for the love you have for the career you chose?

#career #career-choice #job #money

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Horizon Nov 07, 2019 621 views

Any advice or information that can help boost my knowledge about this career?

#engineering #career

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jan 31, 2017 787 views

What specific criteria determines how much an elementary school teacher makes annually in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire?

I am a high school senior interested in maybe becoming an elementary school teacher in New England in the future. I've noticed that there is a very broad spectrum of salaries for elementary school teachers so I would appreciate some clarity as to what factors come in to play when determining...

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Sep 25, 2019 710 views

Could you describe one of your typical work days being a video producer?

I'm in audio/Video production for m high school and wanted to know if keep following this path would it be a struggle finding work? #technology #internship

Gerardo’s Avatar
Gerardo Oct 30, 2019 451 views

What should I do to get into this field?

I would like to fix cars. #mechanical-engineering

kyle’s Avatar
kyle Sep 25, 2019 1753 views

Is a teacher salary enough for a person?

#financial-planning #education #teacher #teaching #teaching #salary

Anastasia’s Avatar
Anastasia Sep 08, 2019 497 views

What do you do to not become irritted with your students?

#teacher #teaching #education

Anastasia’s Avatar
Anastasia Sep 08, 2019 465 views

What inspired you to become a teacher?

#teacher #education #teaching

Poomitha’s Avatar
Poomitha Apr 30, 2016 1333 views

How do I improve my knowledge in Math?

My name is Poomitha, and I am studying in 10th standard. My question is how to improve my skill in math. #teaching #teacher #professor #education #higher-education

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey May 12, 2016 1310 views

What are some good ways to study/ prepare for your teacher certification exam?

I wish to be an elementary school teacher and I wish to be as prepared as I can be. #teaching #teacher #elementary-education #elementary