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Devon C. Jan 13, 2015 1174 views

What are good majors to take to become an elementary teacher?

I want to become an elementary teacher and I am in my senior year of high school and wondering what good majors are. #teaching #teacher #professors...


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Poomitha S. Apr 30, 2016 783 views

How do I improve my knowledge in Math?

My name is Poomitha, and I am studying in 10th standard. My question is how to improve my skill in math. #teaching #teacher #professor #education...


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Hailey J. May 12, 2016 701 views

What are some good ways to study/ prepare for your teacher certification exam?

I wish to be an elementary school teacher and I wish to be as prepared as I can be. #teaching #teacher #elementary-education...


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Grace R. Jan 31, 2017 480 views

What specific criteria determines how much an elementary school teacher makes annually in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire?

I am a high school senior interested in maybe becoming an elementary school teacher in New England in the future. I've noticed that there is a very broad spectrum of salaries for elementary school teachers so I would appreciate some clarity as to what factors come in to play when determining...

#teaching #new-hampshire #school #elementary-school #education #elementary-education #teacher #financial-planning #salary

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Lizbeth C. Oct 20, 2017 587 views
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Emily I. Mar 15, 2018 445 views

Why aren't more engineering courses taught in a hands-on setting?

At my college, 90% of #engineering classes are based on #theory. A common belief is that you will only end up using a tiny portion of all that knowledge once you reach the workplace, and instead employees end up learning most their skills on the job. This makes the burden of college seem...

#curriculum #education #teaching

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Nicolas M. Mar 19, 2018 259 views

Why aren't more students looking at Technical Colleges

Technical Colleges offer real world training for instant job market readiness. Yet most students and High school push for big Universities and state colleges. I didn't know about my state technical college and found it almost by accident. Since then I have convinced 2 others to join, who...

#university #associatesdegree #technical-training #vocational-school

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Ethan L. Sep 25, 2019 275 views

Could you describe one of your typical work days being a video producer?

I'm in audio/Video production for m high school and wanted to know if keep following this path would it be a struggle finding work? #technology...


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Gerardo R. Oct 30, 2019 140 views
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Jaime H. Nov 05, 2019 76 views

A Travel Agent has to locate in different cities?

I think it will be interesting to be able to visit other places within work....


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Olivia C. Nov 06, 2019 158 views

How do you get started in the animation industry?

Is there anyway you can describe how or what it is like in general when making your debut in the animation industry? Is there any specific process? #animation #art #graphic-design...