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How do I improve my knowledge in Math?

Updated Mettupalayam, Tamil Nadu, India

My name is Poomitha, and I am studying in 10th standard. My question is how to improve my skill in math. #teaching #teacher #professor #education #higher-education

2 answers

Jennafer’s Answer

Updated Kirkland, Washington
First, I want to say I've never been very good at math. I have however learned some study skills that may help. Most importantly, know your multiplication tables backward and forward. I can't tell you how much you will actually use this skill! Next, memorize the formulas that you are currently learning. Once you have a grasp of how these formulas work you will be able to master the material. Lastly, make sure you do all assigned homework and if needed don't HESITATE to ask for help! Most teachers want to help you to be successful. Its not only in your best interest, it's in theirs. Teaches are often assessed based on your success. Good luck and try not to get overwhelmed. Take your time and be confident!

Tracy’s Answer

Updated North Brunswick Township, New Jersey
Hello Poomitha, If you have access to tutors, study guides, internet, or the library you can use those resources to enhance your math skills. It has been my experience that practicing math problems from various textbooks and taking online math test can enhance your test taking strategies and problem solving abilities. Good Luck! #math #strategies