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Higher Education Adviser: focused to work with teams to grow and support student affairs.
North Brunswick Township, New Jersey
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Civic Duty
willa’s Avatar
willa Oct 23, 2020 1159 views

Do you have any tips to make a good application/resume for a very professional job?

#college-jobs #job-market #higher-education

Temitope’s Avatar
Temitope Sep 06, 2019 467 views

Get your dream job or go to your dream college?

#dream job

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Apr 16, 2019 903 views

Debate vs AP Literature and Composition

In my school instead of a Language Arts Class, you can take Debate. Would it be better to be on Debate and the Debate team, or should I stick with a hard class like APLAC? I also have the option of taking college English or Business Communications. What's the option for college applications?...

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Mar 12, 2019 7239 views

Is it worth it to double major in psychology and neuroscience?

Right now, I've declared my major as Psychology (B.S.) and I'm thinking about adding a Neuroscience major. I'm very interested in the biological basis of behavior, down to a cellular/molecular level. However, I know it would take a lot of effort, time and money to declare an additional...

Axel’s Avatar
Axel Mar 11, 2019 499 views

What kind of business job options could I have if I know how to work with computers?

#computer-science #business #entrepreneur

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Oct 17, 2018 1394 views

Can you be a licensed Speech Language Pathologist in multiple states?

I am planning to first get a bachelor degree in either communicative disorders or speech language pathology and then pursue a master's degree in Speech Language Pathology. I understand that there is a requirement to pass state licensing in order to practice in California. I wondered if there's...

Kiara’s Avatar
Kiara May 19, 2016 955 views

Why do you think race play a huge part when entering college?

#school #colleges #acceptance #race #race-discrimination #career #higher-education

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine May 18, 2016 1315 views

What are minors and what are they good for?

Everyone always asks you what major you want to accomplish. Mine is education. I also want to to accomplish things like journalism or music. I need to understand if I can take classes for both. #college #career #college-major #higher-education

Mary’s Avatar
Mary May 15, 2016 764 views

What jobs are available for those who major in Humanities

My favorite class in school is Humanities. Are there any jobs in this field other than teaching? #college #career #career-counseling #higher-education

Tre’s Avatar
Tre May 09, 2016 992 views

Can you be a teacher and a mother at the same time?

I would like to be a teacher when I grow up but I also want to be a mom. #career #teaching #teacher #career-counseling #higher-education

Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby Nov 23, 2017 2081 views

Is college as strict as people say it is?

My high school teachers play the fear mongering card every time we incorrectly staple something or use a purple vs a blue or black pen. Will this result in a terrible punishment in college as all my teachers say?

#college #college-advice ##college #higher-education

Chandler’s Avatar
Chandler Nov 28, 2017 828 views

Should sport management undergrads get their master’s degree?

I’ve heard that if a sport management student wants to make more than $40k when they enter the job market, they need to obtain a graduate degree — is this true? #sports #sports-management #masters-degree #sports-media #college #higher-education #career

Audra’s Avatar
Audra May 18, 2016 916 views

Is living in a living community a good idea?

I'm not sure what to do. I want to meet new people, but I also want to make sure I have friends in my classes. Will I be missing out on a lot if I chose a living community? I want to participate in everything college has to offer and I'm afraid a living community would restrict me to a small...

tasleem’s Avatar
tasleem May 14, 2016 942 views

I am going into 10th standard, what should I do now to prepare for my future?

I work hard and would like to prepare for my future. #higher-education #academic-advising #college

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.]

ravi’s Avatar
ravi May 14, 2016 1164 views

In what ways are school and college important?

ravi ndra gopinag #college #school #higher-education #education #academic-advising #academic ##college