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Why do you think race play a huge part when entering college?

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3 answers

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YU’s Answer

Hi Kiara,

In college, you will learn that there are many different opinions out there, objectively. So here is one: I do not think race play a huge part of entering college. My experiences told me that you will rarely meet anyone who enters college due to their gift in race. Of course, if you score 400 more than your peers in SAT and run fast, you will have a better chance to enter your dream college.

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Tracy’s Answer

Hello Kiara,

I believe race has benefits in that their are many scholarships available for students entering with high grades. However, individuals that have mid to low range of grades may need to attend a community college.


Good Luck!!
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Danné E.’s Answer

Hi. Most schools want to prepare people to live healthy and productive lives. Diverse student bodies give students a foundation to achieve that outcome. #colleges, #diversitymatters