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Career Questions tagged Acceptance

Mikayla’s Avatar
Mikayla Mar 16, 2018 683 views

If I am asked to apply for financial aid, did I get accepted to the college?

I have been asked to apply for financial aid by multiple colleges and afterward, I receive my admission packet.
#collegeapps #financialaid #acceptance

Fatima’s Avatar
Fatima Jan 16, 2018 600 views

How do I get past the inner turmoil a teenager faces?

The moment I stepped into my teenage years, I felt a shift in the way my family views me. I went from being a being an adolescent child? I'm seventeen now. And you can imagine how detrimental it is to my inner struggle of self-identity. I am treated as a child if I dare raise an...

Malazzia’s Avatar
Malazzia Sep 01, 2017 621 views

How do you know which college is best for you? would you go for the college that gives you the most money or should you go for a college that you like more?

If I was to get accepted to multiple colleges should i go for the one that gives ,e the most money or the one i desire to go to more? #college #applications #acceptance

Kiara’s Avatar
Kiara May 19, 2016 955 views

Why do you think race play a huge part when entering college?

#school #colleges #acceptance #race #race-discrimination #career #higher-education

Sami’s Avatar
Sami Mar 09, 2016 946 views

Would University of California, Berkeley accept me If I kept these grades up? ENG - 102 Trig - 98.37 Science - 96.32 Global History - 95.5

I'm a Sophomore and I really really want to get into Berkeley. What things would I need to do, other than have good grades, in order to have a higher chance for getting into Berkeley ? #college #university #berkeley #acceptance