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How do you know which college is best for you? would you go for the college that gives you the most money or should you go for a college that you like more?

If I was to get accepted to multiple colleges should i go for the one that gives ,e the most money or the one i desire to go to more? #college #applications #acceptance

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3 answers

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Shadey’s Answer

Hi Malazzia!

This is a tough question. I am sure many students are in your shoes and trying to decide which college is the best fit.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a college, financial aid and interest being two key factors. You don't want to end up at a school that you love, but offers very little financial aid and ends up being a financial burden. You also don't want to end up at a school that offers a great financial aid package but is not the right fit for you socially and academically.

I would say that there has to be a balance when choosing a college or university. You should be looking for a school that is a good fit for you and also offers a manageable financial aid package. I would recommend scheduling campus visits and visiting schools, if possible, to ensure the school is a good fit. Once you find a school that you like, I suggest contacting the financial aid office as early as possible to make sure you receive the best financial aid package possible.

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Robert’s Answer

First, congratulations understanding that college is for you - that is quite the hurdle nowadays, particularly looking at the expense. Having come from a blue-collar middle class family, I very much understand the burden it places on you & your family - and in my case it was both financial and emotional, as I was the first in my family to attend college. And while I enrolled in one school, another came through with money, so guess where I ended up attending? The school that offered me money.

And what did I do when my younger sister started college & the expenses got to be a bit much on mom & dad? I dropped out. However, I took a job for my school and as an employee of the school, I was permitted to attend up to six credit hours per semester to finish my degree. As I like to joke, "a lot of people go to college for 7 years. They're called 'doctors'!" And I loved every bit of my experience, even if I initially imagined the ivy-covered walls of a campus & I ended up in an urban campus where I learned to fall asleep through ambulance sirens.

Finally, while people love to dramatize the college experience, don't lose sight that it is a commitment, both in time and expense, with a goal in mind. In hindsight, it will look easy, but in the middle of it, it's hard. And if you wish to hail from a specific alma mater, it doesn't matter where you start, it matters where you finish. Get the basics out of the way. Depending on the curriculum - math, physics, chemistry, biology, what have you. Excel. And work like hell to get into the school of your dreams. This is the same advice I'd give to our seven year old boys when their time comes.

Best of luck!

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Sherrill’s Answer

Hi Malazzia,
I would look at the school that you feel you will the best fit for you. College offer so many different experiences and opportunities, I wouldn't limit myself to 1 or 2. Why not open you net to at least 4 for 5 schools. I think the deeper you look the more you will realize that there are many excellent places for you to consider.

Make sure you like the school, it offers great career paths that match you interests and apply! The school also has knowledge of what type of student will succeed there, so trust the school to provide good advise on attendance.

This will be a defining choice for your future career, so be open to other ideas and places. I would not limit myself to funding, as most schools will be able to gather the resources you need to succeed. Best of luck to you! Everything will work out if you apply yourself.