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Hi Ravi, When you say school, are you referring to high school? In general, school and college are important because they teach you things that eventually help you to develop into the best person you can be. You may not always use the specific classes that you took later on in your career, but they allow you to develop the ability to think, question, and seek the information that helps you to learn even more. Typically, the more effort you put into your studies the more you get out of it. People never stop learning. There is so much to learn because there are always new developments in different fields including science and technology. You will find that individuals who are very successful in their careers are constantly taking classes and getting certifications to further expand their skillset. Good luck to you in your studies.
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Hello Ravi, There are many benefits to attending college and obtaining a degree. "People who lack educational degrees are more likely to be limited to basic jobs in service, manufacturing and construction industries." While employees with college education may be have the opportunity to receive good benefits, greater salaries, promotions, and earn raises all because of the communication skills, problem solving, time management skills and networking they have obtained in a college setting. Source (s): https://study.com/education.html https://www.educationcorner.com/benefit-of-earning-a-college-degree.html https://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2014/06/24/benefits-of-college-still-outweigh-costs-fed-study-says
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