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Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Aug 06 154 views

What is the best way to get a medical assisting internship?

I'm a high school senior who just earned her CCMA (certified clinical medical assistant) through my school's technical certification program. I'm also BLS certified. I'm trying to find clinics to shadow and assist, but I'm not sure how to contact clinics, nor do I know which clinics are most...

tod’s Avatar
tod Feb 19, 2019 401 views

Is taking a brake from college right when you get out of high school more beneficial for you, or does it benefit to go right into college without knowing your motivations or interests.

#followtheyellowgoldenbrickroad #college #career #career-path #graduation

Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Aug 27, 2018 612 views

What are some minors that would go well with a Spanish major?

If I were to want to translate for courts, would I have to get any specific minors? #minors #spanish #translator

Lindsey’s Avatar
Lindsey Apr 11, 2018 741 views

What can you do with a Spanish major?

I'm in high school, heading off to college soon, and wondering what jobs I would be able to get with a major in #Spanish. I'd love to hear what you for a living after majoring or minoring in Spanish in college!

#foreign-languages #language #languages #college-major

Hadiyah’s Avatar
Hadiyah Jan 17, 2018 714 views

How do you get comfortable networking?

I need to get a better job and find my way into a career. I have trouble approaching people and selling myself. #network #job #career #sociology #economics

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Sep 29, 2017 679 views

What kind of career can I get from majoring in Biology?

I love biology and want to major in it. I know there's a lot jobs that everyone knows about but I'm looking for something out of the ordinary.
#bio #biotech #biology #career-development #career-path #career-advice

Cheyenne’s Avatar
Cheyenne May 08, 2016 606 views

What is the job market like for Certified Nurse Midwives? What are the chances of finding a job in this field and the projected growth of job availability?

I want to be sure that there is a good chance of getting a job with the criteria that I meet in college. #college #nursing #nurse #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #career #career-counseling

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jan 18, 2017 1015 views

How to network and build connections?

I could use some ways to build professional connections. I recently made a LinkedIn account--but, is this site really effective at building connections? #college #career #resume #networking #linkedin #job-application #personal-development

Deborah’s Avatar
Deborah Feb 11, 2017 884 views

Why would learning abroad give me a leg up amongst my future competition?

I'm considering going abroad #career #school #study-abroad #learning

jayaprasad yadav’s Avatar
jayaprasad yadav May 09, 2016 1421 views

How do I become a good teacher?

I want to became a teacher #teaching #teacher #education #teach #teachers

Maggie’s Avatar
Maggie May 12, 2016 1105 views

Will technology ever make human teachers irrelevant in education?

I am a high school student who has recently finished a course in Teacher Cadet. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to go out into the field and see how the education system has changed with technological improvements, even in the short span I have been away from elementary school and...

ravi’s Avatar
ravi May 14, 2016 1004 views

In what ways are school and college important?

ravi ndra gopinag #college #school #higher-education #education #academic-advising #academic ##college

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Mar 18, 2017 767 views

How to improve my second language?

I think my english level have influenced my study. #language #esl

Anna’s Avatar
Anna May 19, 2016 561 views

What careers are available internationally relating to education?

I've always wanted to teach overseas. #education

aida’s Avatar
aida May 13, 2016 818 views

what could i get a job in if i want to major in english literature?

I want to major in English literature but I am unsure if there is anything out there I can do that interests me? #job #major #english #in #literature